Making memories last forever.


Who Is Martin?

Martin is a father of two and a husband. He loves Hawaiian pizza, and large coffees with 4 milks 1 sugar. A self-professed former Iced Capp junkie. He's the main movie maker and founder of MGX Productions.

Flash back to 1999 when I studied Digital Media Arts in college. It was a broad based course that included 3D animation, visual effects, project planning, and videography. During my time there, I developed an interest in making movies, more specifically, making thing blow up on TV. That interest led me to Santa Monica, where I completed an intense course on Visual Effects Compositing at Discreet Logic. I met lots of great people and made lifetime connections.

Back in Toronto, interned at a visual effects house in Toronto called Gajdecki Visual Effects (GVFX). So how did I get into weddings you ask? I know it's cliche, but I sorta just fell into it!

MGX Productions was born in 2004, shortly after helping out a friend videotape (yes videotape) his wedding in California. I wasn't expecting an Emmy, nor did I receive one. It was that feeling of being able to give someone something so uniquely priceless that made me fall in love with weddings. I was hooked. Flash forward 10 years and 100s of celebrations later....

Now I'm proud to be part of a small team of independant filmmakers, passionate about telling your story in a way we believe nobody else can. Each film we produce is our creative interpretation of the uniqueness of your wedding. Let your day start here.

We are passionate. We are bold. We are